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Cosmetic and plastic surgery involves surgical and non-surgical techniques to reshape structures of the body to improve its appearance. Aesthetic procedures may involve tightening the eyelids, Yet finding an appropriate and highly-qualified and professional plastic surgeon really it is difficult.  The most prominent challenge in the domain of plastic surgery, is sure the quality assurance. Both of plastic and cosmetic surgery is typically performed in private clinics, which are not obliged to adhere to medically compulsory guidelines. The key to find the suitable physician, is a selection according to specialty and procedure. Though some procedures must be performed by specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery, others can be conducted by qualified dermatologists and TNE doctors. Before any procedure a proper diagnostics should be done.


SALAMTK have a large selection of highly qualified plastic surgeons /cosmetic surgeons are carefully selected for specific aesthetic procedures.

This selection is based on:

▪ Their medical title.

▪ Experience with a specific aesthetic procedure,

▪ Recommendations by fellow aesthetic surgeons and patients and also hospitals clinic features.



  • European & American hosts a large range of reliable, safe, and excellent luxury cosmetic hospitals and clinics
  • We look past marketing campaigns, and selects surgeons based on rankings in medical excellence
  • We select the best hospitals and clinic according to their specialty/top-procedure
  • Cosmetic/Aesthetic surgery can often be performed in trustworthy European & American hospitals

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