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Treatment in Europe & US provides innovative solutions by excellent doctors for almost every disease


Each year, more than 300 billion Euros are spent on fundamental research and research & development in the medical sector in Europe & US. The healthcare system is among the leading in the world. Europe & US is a leader in medical technology and home of innovative companies such as Siemens and renowned for its first class research facilities and hospitals such as the Charité in Berlin, the University of Heidelberg or the University of Freiburg.

Statistics prove that treatment in Europe & US and the European & US healthcare system is top ranked internationally in many respects. European, american and even foreign patients benefit from these advantages that have direct impact on the availability and quality of medical services and treatments in Europe & U.S.



European & US Hospitals Welcome Patients from abroad


Traveling to Europe & US for a treatment gives you access to the most advanced medical sectors in Europe & US. Hospitals in Europe & US appreciate and welcome patients from across the world. Europe & US is not only a popular medical travel destination for patients from Russia and the former Soviet Republics (CIS), but also for patients from Arabic countries and Asia.

Breakthrough developments of new effective therapies or significant improvements in treating a variety of diseases are often discovered by or with the contribution of European & US doctors and scientists. Leading hospitals do not only provide medical care for patients, but also operate large research centers. Medicine in Europe & US is constantly striving for excellence. European & US hospitals are well organized, and waiting times are shorter than in many other countries. Thus, if you ask for help in SALAMTK European and American hospitals, be assured that you will be provided with the maximum attention of excellent doctors.


Medical treatment in SALAMTK hospitals in Europe & US means saving time, money, nerves – maybe even your life.

However, due to its de-centralized structure, it is quite difficult to get a comprehensive overview of the best options for medical treatment in Europe & US. Experience and knowledge of structures and procedures in Europe & US is required to make the right decision. Identifying and getting access to the right doctor for each particular case requires a thorough understanding of the European & US healthcare system. Therefore we assist you in organizing your treatment in Europe & US – we know how the administration in European & US hospitals works and how to find the doctor that is best qualified to care for your individual health problem.

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