Gynecological Check

Why should I undergo a Gynecological Consultation?

  1. To detect or to prevent gynecological cancers such as cervix cancer of the uterus or breast cancer
  2. Detect the early stages of malignant diseases can be treated more successfully
  3. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in the worldwide
  4. Breast cancer also occurs at a younger age compared to many other types of cancer
  5. Due to screening methods the breast cancer can be easily detected in early stages
  6. Most of the diagnostic patterns are non-invasive
  7. SALAMTK doctor will give you information about diseases and can also instruct you for example in examining your own breast in order to detect and find changes early


What is a Gynecological Check?

A Gynecological Check can be an annual or semi-annual examination to prevent or to detect gynecological diseases. This form of check-up includes a conversation with SALAMTK specialized physician about your sexual history ,menstrual cycle and gynecological symptoms that you may have.

Afterwards the doctor will continue with the physical examination, also he will examine your breasts in order to detect pathological abnormalities or changes, such as tumors in the breast tissue. Sonography or mammography in some cases, will be recommended.

For sure the examination of your genitals will be also a part of the screening. Our doctor will inspect the external and internal genitals as well, With the help of a speculum which helps to separate the walls of the vagina and this for sure will help our doctor to see and evaluate the cervix of the uterus. Cell samples of the cervix will be taken with a cotton stick which called Pap test, which will help also our doctor to detect pathological changes in the cervix, such as pre-stages of cancer or cancer. Afterwards sure will be time for your questions and to discuss also the findings and results.


Which diseases can be prevented and/or detected?

  • Menstrual disorders
  • Breast cancer
  • Gynecological infections
  • Cervical cancer


Which components does a Gynecological Check comprise?

  • Consultation of a specialist
  • Gynecological anamnesis and Physical examination
  • Examination of external and internal genitals
  • Manual examination of the breast
  • Pap test

5 reasons for checkup

Risk Factor Assessment

Cardiological Prevention

Early Cancer Detection

Better Treatment Outcome

Higher Life Expectancy
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