1. are over 55 years old
  2. take care of your health
  3. have a cancer history in your family
  4. are overweight
  5. have a high/low blood pressure
  6. have sleep disorders
  7. have no particular symptoms
  8. suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome
  9. have a stressful job and you go regularly on stressful business trips
  10. would like to indicate your predisposition to any diseases and to diagnose them in early stages
  11. would like to prevent any cardiovascular, gynecological, oncological and other diseases



Even though in the absence of symptoms, still strongly recommended for women and men both in all the ages to undergo annual routine preventive examinations. A Platinum Check-up is the excellent chance to closely monitor and check your health status. People are often reluctant to undergo regular check-ups until a causes of disease dramatic consequences. For sure preventive measures taken in time can help to find the problems before they start. Detect the diseases in the early stages can help to be better treated, especially in such severe cases as cancer, it is very important to be sure that your health is on the right track.

A full body MRI, which is included already in the Platinum Check-up, allows SALAMTK doctor to thoroughly examine all of your internal organs and all the parts of the body. Also the questions about both of your personal and family medical history sure will help to concentrate more on the appropriate details. By undergoing regular Check-ups, you are taking the right steps towards a longer, healthier life.



  • Anamnesis & medical history
  • Thorough physical examination and risk factor analysis
  • Ultrasound of abdominal organs
  • Advanced laboratory testing
  • Fitness assessment with ECG, 3D echocardiography and pulmonary function test
  • Life style advice
  • Full Body MRI & MR Angiography
  • Hearing test
  • Eye fundus measurements
  • Dermatological screening
  • Coloscopy
  • Urogenital or Gynecological examination
  • Ophthalmological examination

5 reasons for checkup

Risk Factor Assessment

Cardiological Prevention

Early Cancer Detection

Better Treatment Outcome

Higher Life Expectancy
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