Health Care in Czech Republic

This page has being updating Physical Therapy in the Czech Republic is of great importance and the country offers a remarkable level due to the presence of natural mineral water springs and spa’s renowned physical therapy clinics can be found in the  Czech diversity of natural mineral water springs and were already discovered before the two thousand years.

Water springs are described as a natural healing source of mineral salts containing fluorine , iodine or radium and a large number of mineral elements.

Thermal spas are  famous in all  areas of natural beauty , which helps the patient psychologically to accept treatmentand enhance well being.

Diseases treated in Czech Clinics:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints and bones.
  • diseases of the nervous system.
  • diseases of children .
  • vascular disease and esoteric .

Cosmetic surgery clinics in Prague have the latest technology. Czech cosmetic surgeons undertake several years of specialist training before they are allowed to operate and many of the surgeons working in Prague are British General Medical Council registered with internationally recognised qualifications and training.

Czech considered in physical therapy and therapeutic clinics one of the most knowledgeable countries

There are water and mineral baths in many cities such as

Teplice – Karlovy Vary – Jáchymov Balohrd – Marianske Lazne and others.

Salamtk is your key to medical treatment by highly trained specialists. These practicing specialists consider all kinds of treatment and alternative therapies to improve your health.


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