Health Care in Germany

  • The health care system in Germany has an excellent reputation worldwide due to modern hospitals and clinics which offer full range of state-of-the art treatments and latest medical technology.
  • The Country is famous for high quality medical care and hospitality.
  • Germany has become a leading medical travel destination in the world.
  • Medical facilities in Germany offer sufficient spare resources and many are highly specialized in catering for patients from abroad.
  • Medical care in Germany enables patients from abroad to avoid waiting times. It also offers access to reliable and more rapidly available laboratory results.
  • Government institutions intensively monitor the quality of medical services in all clinics and hospitals in Germany.
  • German companies are among the world leaders in medical technology. The medical technology industry combines two areas where Germany has been traditionally successful: German engineering skills on the one hand and medical innovation on the other hand , We can ensure you to provide you with all the available equipment and medical devices offering the highest degree of international quality.
  • Our Contracts include excellent university , public and private hospitals in the most German cities, for example : Munich – Hamburg – Heidelberg – Bonn – Berlin – Dresden and other major German cities.
  • Salamtk is your key to medical treatment by highly trained specialists. These practicing specialists consider all kinds of treatment and alternative therapies to improve your health.

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