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SALAMTK hospitals uses many unique techniques that have helped thousands of women experience the joy of motherhood. Our reproduction centres have experience inboth of diagnosis and treatment of all kind of infertility, also including the use of the vitro fertilization. SALAMTK physicians and medical team are able to give hope even in cases that seemed to be hopeless.

It is worth saying that unlike clinics in the Middle East countries, SALAMTK reproduction centres in Europe & U.S use the latest techniques, such as  mini – IVF, which can play important role to eliminates the risk of over-stimulation and also the thereby protects the health of women and child both. This procedure is in no way inferior to conventional IVF.


In all SALAMTK Hospitals & clinics, the doors are open all the time to all the guests, who want benefit from highly comfortable maternity homes. Trusting SALAMTK doctors, you can be sure with our medical team that the desired child will be born healthy and also sure you will get maximum attention.

Doctors and the entire medical team in all the hospitals are responsible for the health of mother and baby and you will certainly feel this responsibility at all stages. This is especially important for women who are called risk group. Highly qualified and professional physicians will pay attention to the risk factors and also provide solutions to eliminate them.





High standard pre-diagnostics & labs:

Accurate routine analysis in the laboratory sure will increases the probability of healthy birth and avoids unpleasant surprises.


State-of-the-art IVF procedures:

Modern methods of fertilization bring the process to a new level and at the same time allow many couples to realize a dream of a child.


Pregnancy counselling in SALAMTK hospitals:

Consultation by great specialists who will answer all your questions and also will support you through all phases of emminent delivery.


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