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The most widely known gastrointestinal disease is colon cancer.

Gastrointestinal disorders (GI disorders) are any abnormality in the normal function of the intestines.


They can be also subdivided into:

  • Functional disorders occur when the body works in an irregular way. It is characterized by symptoms which is not a visible sign of an injury, for example like:

▪ Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

▪ Chronic diarrhea.

▪ Constipation are some of the functional GI disorders.


  • Inflammatory disorders on the other hand can happen at any part of the gastrointestinal due to inflammation in the tract, for example like:

▪ Crohn’s disease.

▪ Ulcerative colitis.



The most common symptoms and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders are:

  • Pain, diarrhea and constipation.
  • Heartburn, vomiting , nausea and abdominal distention.
  • The treatments for gastrointestinal disorders depend on type of gastrointestinal disorder that is present.






Gastrointestinal disorders like the another disorders and diseases are managed when the real problem is already identified. A series medical history, physical examinations and laboratory procedures are needed to arrive at a particular diagnosis. Treatments aren’t prescribed right away. It is also not advised to start a treatment by yourself without seeking medical help first. For a simple diarrhea constipation can lead to a serious medical condition if it’s not attended and treated properly.

Once a diagnosis is made and ready, your condition and all treatment options are available will be discussed with the patient by SALAMTK doctor. As soon as both patient and doctor have decided on the appropriate action for the patient’s condition, sure treatment will start immediately.






There are different kind of treatments for the different types of gastrointestinal disorders.

A) In some cases, patients undergo symptomatic therapies which include:

  • Antidepressants.
  • Steroids and sedatives.

These symptomatic therapies only alleviate the symptoms and do not provide a cure.


B) The treatments for Crohn’s disease are:

  • Antispasmodic medications (loperamide).
  • Antibiotics and surgery (bowel resection).


C) The treatment for Ulcerative colitis are:

  • Loperamide.
  • Antibiotics and surgery (colectomyy).
  • Additional management includes diet, corticosteroids and anticytokine drugs.


D) The treatment for hemorrhoids can be treated also on your own, but sure in severe cases need:

  • Medications include ointments or creams and pads to relieve and stop pain and itching.
  • Surgery is sure performed in the presence of a large hemorrhoids which are called hemorrhoid removal and hemorrhoid stapling. Also minimally invasive procedures are available, such as sclerotherapy and rubber band ligation to remove a blood clot within an external hemorrhoid.


E) The treatment for Obesity is:

  • First of all is behavioral changes, exercise and diet.
  • If these aren’t enough and didn’t help to lose weight, sure getting professional help is important to lose weight safely. SALAMTK doctors can help by prescribe for the patient weight loss medications or weight loss surgery.


F) The treatment for Hernias are:

  • Now widely laparoscopic surgery is used to treat hernias. In this kind of surgical procedure, a hernia is repaired with less damage to the surrounding tissues or organs.
  • The only effective treatment option for hernias is surgery, but keep in mind that laparoscopic surgery is not appropriate for all types of hernias.

All surgical procedures can be open or laparoscopic for gastrointestinal disorders and always done via SALAMTK abdominal surgeon.






  • Decreased or relieve pain
  • Better motility
  • Surgical procedures can treat hernias, ulcerative colitis and hemorrhoids
  • Relieve itching (hemorrhoids)
  • Alleviate symptoms of Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Promotes healthy living






All kind of gastrointestinal disorders are covered and treated in SALAMTK hospitals. Our Medical team which have experts in diagnosing and treating these disorders will make sure to work hand in hand to deal with your condition. Treatment innovations are expected to emerge since SALAMTK European and American researchers will not stop investigating advanced treatment options that can help people with Gastrointestianl disorders.


All kind of Gastrointestinal disorder treatment and surgical procedure are common done in SALAMTK hospitals.

Even if a patient has other medical problems, he will be referred to a certain specialist.


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