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Every now and then new treatment methods, devices and medications are introduced to treat a particular disease. Innovation is defined as an introduction of something new. It can be an idea, method, procedure or device. In the field of medicine innovation is important. Because of innovation there are better ways to treat a persisting condition or better yet, cure it. And in healthcare it could mean hope.

With today’s technology more and more innovative treatments are still to come. The world of medicine is inevitably constantly changing. And these changes will cause the healthcare system to become better and better. However, the downfall of these new treatments is its costs.

Physicians and all other healthcare professionals are adapting constantly to innovation since the purpose of innovative treatments is to help the patient. Innovative treatments are continually developing, and we will all benefit from it. Ask leading German Doctors about the possibilities!


Any breakthroughs in science and technology undergo a lot of research, tests and approvals. That is the reason why an innovative treatment is not introduced unless its safety and effectiveness has been proven. Any individual, healthy or sick, wants treatment or a cure for a disease. The same thing goes for medical researchers. They also seek for answers, for cure.

A clinical trial is done to obtain data, facts and evidence. They are used to determine if the treatment, device or medication being developed is safe and effective for use in humans. After proving its efficacy, an approval from a regulatory agency, such as the FDA or the EMEA, is required. When all necessary documents are approved, the new treatment is now ready to be introduced.


Innovative treatments include and are not limited to drugs, surgical and radiological procedures, biological products, devices, machines, behavioral treatments, therapies, preventive care and the like.

Performing an innovative treatment depends on what treatment is to be done and for what disease it is intended. Innovative treatments can help and are probably the best treatment methods out there, but not all innovative treatments for a particular disease are right and applicable for a specific patient. The advantages and disadvantages of the treatment and patient’s risks should all be weighed against each other. All information must be disclosed to the patient, and a proper diagnosis should be performed.


  • New and more treatment options are available
  • There is a possibility of ease in medical procedures
  • Continuous medical development is expected


Through the years Germany has been a place where new ideas, innovations and interventions are being developed and pioneered. Germany is one of Europe’s top innovation leaders. That’s the reason why more and more people seek treatment in Germany.

One of the innovative treatments that patients travel to Germany for is the stem cell therapy. Germany has its own stem cell center. Doctors have to follow strict regulations for using stem cell therapy. Stem cells are considered a drug. If used, all requirements for a drug approval must be met. But until now, controversies are still arising regarding the effectiveness of stem cell therapy.

Another new treatment is the DaVinci surgery. It is a robot-assisted surgery technique used for complex surgical procedures in Germany. It is considered to be the best method in treating serious urologic conditions like prostate cancer. The DaVinci surgery spares the prostate nerve terminals to preserve sexual function and continence. In addition, just few small incisions are made and the operating surgeon has a better view, precision, dexterity and control.

And lastly, the Lu-PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen) surgery. It is a new form of radiotherapy that allows for a precise radiation of the body. Lu-PSMA is not only used for targeted therapy, but can also detect cancer metastases.

There is already a high success rate for the aforementioned treatments. And German researchers are not stopping to find new ways for the advancement of healthcare.

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