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As they grow older men experience various health problems. Most of these problems involve the reproductive and renal systems.

Health is the last thing men think or worry about. As long as they feel good, healthy and productive, the idea for visiting a doctor will usually not cross their mind. But when they finally do and visit the doctor their health is already at risk.

The most problems that concern men are usually issues such as urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction. When men experience any of these conditions, they feel embarrassed. Most of the men in the condition don’t want to talk about their condition and don’t want to seek treatment. What most men don’t know is, these conditions are very common, preventable and sure can be treated.Visiting a doctor won’t hurt, it’s going to be helpful an beneficial.


Both of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction can be treated. The treatments for case of erectile dysfunction range from medications to surgical implants, while conservative treatments are first tried for urinary incontinence before opting for medications and surgery.




SALAMTK doctors don’t advise for self-diagnosing and choosing a treatment by yourself. If you know or you feel there is something is wrong, it’s important to see a doctor. For every issue concerning the body, there is an underlying medical explanation.

Treatments are performed as soon as a diagnosis is made and its underlying cause is identified an sure if there is other medical conditions are present and they are somehow to the cause of the problem, those conditions will be sure treated first. In case if there is no known cause, the treatment will depend on the type, cause and severity of the problem. Doctors encourage men to talk to them regarding their health issues. Again, it’s not something to be ashamed to have treatment.




For Erectile Dysfunction:

▪ The most common treatment today is to use of pills mainly Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.

▪ With the use of these drugs, it will make the smooth muscles in the penis are relaxed due to increased blood flow which maintaining an erection.

▪ Drugs can also be injected into the penis direct to get an erection.

▪ A vacuum pump can also be used to draw blood into the penis.

▪ When all these way of treatments fail, surgery is advised to patients. Surgery is performed to place a device in the penis that will generate an erection.

▪ Other treatments for erectile dysfunction are sexual counseling, hormonal therapy and lifestyle change.



For Urinary Incontinence:

▪ The treatment will first involve behavioral treatments by changing in lifestyle and habits, and pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises are some of the behavioral treatments.

▪ If these treatments fail, second option will be medications and continence devices are also advised. However, when all conservative managements haven’t been successful in treating, then surgery is needed. The surgical procedures are artificial urinary sphincter and male sling surgery.


When we talk about men’s health, always male sterilization or vasectomy shouldn’t be missed. Sterilization is defined by cutting and/or tying the tube that carries the sperm from the testicles to the penis (called vas deferens) which playing very important role. Sterilization sure is a life changing decision and it is not a decision of only one person. You and your partner together should completely agree to the procedure.




  • Improved sense of well-being
  • Improved sexual life
  • No more frequent trips to the bathroom




All treatments for the common health issues concerning men are all available in SALAMTK hospitals. Our doctors and staff understand that treating these conditions will improve and change a patient’s quality of life and they ready for that at any time.

For both urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, the non-invasive treatments are applied as first option and the choice of the type of the treatment depends on the case of the patient. Our practice and clinics of erectile dysfunction treatment also promotes lifestyle change. Quit smoking, Exercising and reducing stress are some of the lifestyle changes always advised by SALAMTK doctors. Even though, a new topical drug has been launched recently still Oral medications being prescribed. However. It is the first topical therapy approved and used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Stem cell treatment also is now considered a treatment for erectile dysfunction.


SALAMTK doctors also encourage patients with urinary incontinence to have a healthy lifestyle an sure also to be active and avoid stress. Compliance with this advice can really improve a patient’s condition. Aside from exercises and living a healthy lifestyle, conservative treatments for urinary incontinence will be include both of bladder training and biofeedback therapy.


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